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Update 22nd June

The new Album which features all original music and the Original Hendrix Amp is finally available to buy from Rich Dickinson's Driving Force


I have had many people emailing me and chatting with me about Jimi, because of this I decided to open a chat Forum for everyone to add their memories and experiences no matter how small for everyone to share. With everything that has been going on with the Amp and all the media attention it just seems a good opportunity to bring all those Memories together, who may find someone who was at the same show with you!

This forum, like all, will take a bit of a kick to get it started....... please get posting, it will be great to chat with you all!


More pictures!

Reciept from 1971 price was 65 + Postage of 5 

    Melody Maker 1971


Update on 9th June

The Replica Amp has arrived! And, WOW, does it ever sound good, 99% like the Original!!

A picture has been found which connects the Amp to the Monterey Festival and Tour and also another picture has just come forward which puts it back in the US on the 10th Feb 1968, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles.



info on 23rd April

Marshall have now returned the Amp to the original specification using KT66 Valves. The Amp has also been recorded on location at Marshall by Urban Audio. The recording consists of the new single 'IF' and some guitar section's on other track's for an album which will be released in a few month's.

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Press Release April 2nd 05

On Saturday 8th October 1966 Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell introduced James (Jimi) Marshall Hendrix to Jim Marshall at the Uxbridge Road, Hanwell, London Shop in England.

Jimi Hendrix expressed his desire to use Marshall equipment and Marshall Amplification supplied the Jimi Hendrix Experience with a number of 100 watt Super lead amplifiers.

 On 23rd September 1971 Rich Dickinson purchased a Marshall 100 watt Super lead amplifier from the Carlsbro music shop in Nottingham, England, advertised as an ex-Jimi Hendrix amplifier. The amplifier purchased by Rich Dickinson had a distinctive piece broken off the front plexi panel as well as other identifying marks.

 After several gigs Rich Dickinson discovered the amplifier was too loud for his needs and the unit has remained in his care for the last 34 years.

 There are a number of published photographs in circulation of Jimi Hendrix using an amplifier with similar damage during the early part of his career. The research remains ongoing, but Marshall Amplification plc can confirm that this amplifier was manufactured at this time & early indications show a Jimi Hendrix amp has come home.



Update on March 28th 05

Many People have been asking about what is currently happening with regard to this amp. We are currently concentrating our efforts on gathering as much info as possible to establish a more complete picture of where the amp has been while in Jimi's possession. We do have several pictures of the Amp dating from late 66 through to end of 67 at various different show's he did. I have been talking to some of the staff from that era to see if they can remember anything else about it or if they have any other photo's etc. There is much more going on as well as what I have mentioned, more info to follow next weekend.

Jamie Dickinson

PRESS RELEASE - 17/03/05


With regret we have had to remove this item from eBay but due to some exiting news. Rich Dickinson's DRIVING FORCE and Marshall Amplification PLC have come to an agreement in which This Amplifier is to Temporarily remain in the care of Marshall Amplification PLC for Final Authentication. During this process an exact replica will be kindly built by Marshall Amplification PLC for Rich Dickinson's DRIVING FORCE to tour. Over the coming months there will be a limited opportunity to experience the incredible sound of this Amplifier. Early indication's show that this Amplifier was probably built in the latter part of 1966 and is now being analyzed in detail.

We now have in our possession, The original receipt for the sale of the Amp and also the original Melody Maker complete paper in which the advert was placed. We have also been advised that there is a picture which shows this Amplifier with Jimi Hendrix but we are as yet to view ourselves. There is a further meeting arranged between M.A and R.D Early next month. At that time we hope to have more information which we can pass on to all the interested parties through this website and the media.




13 March 9.00Pm

Where do I start....

Bidding has now reached 12000 which is ok but of course not yet close to it's probable value, We have got almost 1000 people watching the item on eBay and have had 92000 Hits on our website so far!

The Amp will be catalogued and inspected by Marshall this week and we should have more information about it's heritage after our meeting.

We are looking forward to the next few days, lots of people to talk to and lots of info to gather!

Thanks to all of you who have helped. More to follow soon.






  The latest news as at 17.45hrs on Saturday 12 march

Finally today I managed to get the mirror site functional and the pictures have been re-listed at the bottom of this page. I know this page is a bit of a mess but with the combination of hundreds of phone calls, Television interview's, e-mail's, Radio station's, Newspaper's and a Gig last night it has been a strain!!

We have had many people say that they are going to leave bidding until the last minute. We know this is common place but we have decided that if the bidding does not reach a point near our highest current offer by mid week then we may pull it because of the fear that too many people trying to out bid each other last minute will do no-one any favours and not reflect a true value. We will see.........

Currently we have 490 people watching this item on eBay and are receiving interest worldwide, there is an amazing amount of interest and it is truly stunning (and a complete shock) for us, almost frightening!

We have been on BBC Radio, ITV News at 6 and various other Media including a National Newspaper today. I have even found Chat Forums in the US discussing it.

We are currently recording a new studio Album and have been for several weeks but we may just use this amp to finish it off. A nice piece of history for us to keep and a good way for this amazing amp to be remembered before it leaves us for the other side of the waters..... We have a rush now to get it recorded by Friday!

Finally, if anyone has any copies of the Melody Maker from early '71 then please let us know or scan the advert and email us a copy, We would very much appreciate it as one of these issues has the original advert for the amp in it!

Thanks to you all, More info as I get it!





 The latest news as at 19.50hrs Thursday 10th Mar.

Well, this is getting difficult to keep up with! We currently have well over 200 people watching on eBay and our website is getting hit every 20 second's roughly. Today we have spoken to several newspaper's, have had a radio interview with the BBC and earlier today Marshall called and requested a look at the amp to add to their archives and to see what else we can find out. They have confirmed today that it is a 1966 build but they want to see it next week for a good look over and to document it. They have a much better archive of information now than when they last saw it in 1994 so lots more to come!

More info as I get it!