Rich Dickinson's DRIVING FORCE Is an Original Power Rock Band who play some covers.

Fronted by the Incredible Guitarist Rich Dickinson, the band has headlined gigs all over the Country and is continuing to grow in popularity and interest has become worldwide.

We have signed to 'The Orchard' label in New York and Released an album at the end of June 2005. The Album is called 'Piece of my Heart' and  one of the track's  feature the original Hendrix Amp!

Rich Dickinson

Rich has been gigging since the late 70's and has worked with many of the top names

 of that time. Rich spent ten years with his previous trio 'KAOS' who worked all

through the UK and Continent but now he's concentrating on his latest venture


Rich's playing has been used for various session work

including supplying the guitar track for TV Shows such as the

Glastonbury Festival Highlights.


Dave Setchfield

Bass/ Vocals

Dave Setchfield was a member of renowned guitarist Dave Sharman's band in the early nineties, when the band recorded an album with producer Kit Woolven. Since then Dave has gigged all over the Uk with ex members of Ozzy  Osbourne band and The Sweet in The Binmen, and most recently with London based trio Fern with whom he's recorded two albums. Dave is happy to be back in his native Herefordshire and excited about bringing his aggressive, three piece tailored style to Rich Dickinson's Driving force.

More info at  Dave's website:


Tom Bezer (Beezer)


Tom 1st realised his interest in the Drums about 6 years ago when he was just 14, not being immediately great at this he lost interest and didn't really play much until he joined the academy of music where his talent was nursed into what it has become, A great Rock, with a Funky edge, Drummer.



Jamie 'Jimmer' Dickinson
Manager/Sound Engineer/Webmaster

I am far to busy to write about myself! Its a hard life.............. Well maybe just a little! I am, as you can probably tell by the name,  the son of Rich. I manage everything to do with the band as well as have my own Independent Computer Company.

Peace and Power Rock!



Lighting & Pyrotechnics

 Never has the lighting been so reliable, Kian has redesigned it, sorted it and learned how to use it to its best.

Good Man!

Diamond Dave


A very important job and well done. Always on time (if not half an hour early) and willing to help.

Top bloke!




Previous Members

Phil 'Jake' Ambury

Phil started his musical career with a bang  finding himself touring throughout Europe during the 70's and progressing successfully from there through the UK and composing music for the BBC. He was tipped as the next Led Zep with the group 'Oriface'  Who recorded at Island Studio's and were on the same bill as 'King Crimson'

Also formerly of 'KAOS' A seasoned Pro with a fluid style, What more can you say.......


Roy Riach

He was just 16 when he joined us but he has certainly proved himself as capable and has risen to every challenge. He has now seen the inside of more pubs than most but is looking forward to his first pint of Beer out of the Tap and legal.......



Copyright 2005 Rich Dickinson








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