Sat 20th Jan @ The Trout Tavern, Keynsham. Somerset


Sat 3rd March @ Riffs Bar, Hook nr Swindon

Sat 10th March @ Scally's, Weston-S-Mare


Sat 21st April @ The Clothiers Arms, Stroud for

The Royal Marsden Family fun day.

Sat 28th April @ Queen Vic, Stroud


Sunday 6th May(Bank Holiday) at the Carters Rest, Wroughton, Swindon.

Friday 11th May @ Swiss Chalet, Swindon


Sat June 23rd. Clubless Rider's Mcc. Symmons Yat. Forest of Dean


Fri 6th July @ The Brunswick, Gloucester

Sat 28th July @ The Queen Vic, Stroud


Sat 4th Aug @ The Rolleston Pub, Swindon For Brunel Motorcycle Club

Sat 18th August @ Scally's, Weston-S-Mare


Friday 7th Sept @ The Queen Vic, Stroud

Friday 21st Sept @ The Windmill, Freshbrook, West Swindon


Sat 6th Oct @ Private Party, Swindon

Friday 19th October @ Swiss Chalet, Swindon

Sat 27th Oct Private Party


Sat 10th November @ The Bear, Marlborough

Sat 17th Nov @ The Trout Tavern, Keynsham, Somerset

Fri 30th Nov @ Scally's, Weston-S-Mare


Sat 15th @ The Rolleston, Swindon

Fri 21st Dec @ The Queen Vic, Stroud.. XMAS Party!





Sat 11th Feb @ Campbells Landing, Clevedon, Bristol

Sat 18th Feb @ Scally's, Weston-s-Mare


Sat 4th March for Tim's Birthday, Gloucester


Thurs 20th April @ Queen Vic, Stroud


Sat 20th May @ The Billesley, Kings Heath, Birmingham

Friday 26th May at the Marrs Bar, Worcester. Support


Fri 9th June @ Swiss Chalet, Swindon

Fri 23rd June for the Clubless Riders Mcc Throttle and Bottle Rally

Sat 24th June @ Campbells Landing, Clevedon, Bristol


Sat 8th July @ The Welsh Harp, Gloucester. 4 on Door inc Support

Sat 15th July @ The Queen Vic - Stroud

Fri 28th July @ Scally's, Weston-s-Mare.   small charge on door

Thursday 24th August for the Past it Mcc Zimmer Frame Rally


Sunday 10th Sept at Bar Riga, Stroud. Fringe Festival Closing Party. 10.30pm

Friday 22nd September @ the Trout Tavern, Keynsham, Bristol.

Sat 30th Sept @ Riff's Bar, Hook, Nr Swindon. 3   NEW!!!


Sat 21st Oct @ Scally's. Weston-s-mare.   small charge on door


Sat 18th Nov @ The Queen Vic - Stroud

Sat Nov 25th @ Cirencester Xmas lights on party - Afternoon show. 4.45pm


Friday 8th Dec @ The Night Owl, Cheltenham.

Sat Dec 16th - Pinckertons Mcc xmas party, Swindon

Thurs 28th Dec. XMAS Party, Queen Vic Stroud.

Sat 30th Dec at the Swiss Chalet, Swindon



2005 Gigs gone by.....



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Sat 7th May. , Bristol. 9pm start.

Fri 20th May at 'The Rigger'  Staffordshire. 3 on door or 2 with flyer

Sat 28th May at Weymouth

Sun 29th May at the 'Ridge and Furrow' Gloucester


Fri 3rd June. FBBF Rock Club in Loughborough

Thurs 9th June at 'Campbells Landing' Cleavedon

Fri 24th June. Clubless Riders Throttle and Bottle rally


Sat 2nd July at 'Scally's' Weston-s-Mare

Sat 9th July at the 'Queen Vic' Stroud

Sat 16th July at the 'Swiss Chalet' Swindon

Touring with Blackfoot

Saturday 30th July 2005           Queens Hall, Nuneaton

Sunday 31st July 2005             The ferry, Glasgow

Tuesday 2nd August           Rock Cafe 2000, Birmingham

Wednesday 3rd August 2005    Mean Fiddler, London


Sat 6th August at the  Bristol. Ticket's available by clicking the logo.

Fri 12 Aug at the Replica Amp

-------Sat 27th Aug at the 'Victoria' Leicestershire - Cancelled------

Sun 28th Aug at the 'Ridge and Furrow' Gloucester

Sat 3rd Sept at the Bristol. Replica Amp

Sat 10th Sept for the 'United Bikers of GB' 30th anniversary + Support

Sat 17th Sept. BMF Tail Ender at the East of England Showground. Tickets


Thurs 13th Oct at 'Campbells Landing' Cleavedon

Sat 22nd Oct at the 'Roadhouse' Stirchley, Birmingham

Sat 29th Oct at Stroud Subscription Rooms, Gloucestershire. Featuring the Original Amp!

Details Here, Ticket's available from the Box Office on 01453 760900


Sat 19th Nov at the 'Swiss Chalet' Swindon

Sat 26th Nov. Past it Mcc Xmas Party + Support


Fri 30th Dec at the 'Queen Vic' Stroud - New Year Party