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Moonfish were formed early 2005 and consist of:


 Susannah Moffat - Lead Vocals and Keyboard

Ben Grimes - Bass and Keyboard

Simon Hazell - Guitar and Backing Vocals

James Henstock - Drums

Susannah is the songwriter/founder of the band, having previous spent several years as lead vocalist for The Mainstreamers International Jazz Ensemble.

Collective band influences include Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Ben Folds Five, Nina Simone, Garbage, Muse, Alannis Morrisette, Tori Amos, Skunk Anansie, Breed 77, Spock’s Beard and many more.

Currently gigging and building a name for themselves in the South West of England, Moonfish have a polished live act, which demonstrates their musical versatility. Catchy, quirky rock/pop anthems, with killer hooks and infectious beats to keep the crowd’s feet tapping.

‘a funky, rocky, jazzy group with guts and flair.’ (Stephen Morris, BBC Gloucestershire reviewer)

‘moonfish certainly have the sparkle, enthusiasm, talent and great songs to give other, more established bands a run for their money’ (Andy Leek, Dexy’s Midnight Runners)



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Finally the wait is over, after a great deal of listening and comparing/discussing between John Rockley (BBC Radio Presenter), David Bailey (BBC Broadcast Journalist)  and Myself (Jamie Dickinson) we made our choices.

The bands who will appear on the night are:

Under 18's: Hard-Drive from Cirencester

18-25: Moonfish from Gloucester

25+ : Ruth's Curtain from Stroud

The Bands will all have an equal chance to play the Amp at the end of the night after you, the audience make your choice on who you want to win!

Tickets to this event are available from Stroud Subscription Rooms Box Office on 01453 760900   Due to a technical fault the box office phone line is unavailable until approx lunchtime on Thursday 27th - Typical.......

Read about it on the BBC Site here

Hear the announcement here (Realplayer Req'd)


Hard-Drive was formed in February 2005, 

Lew Evans  - Rhythm Guitar  age 10

Michael MacKellar-Still  - Lead Guitar age11    

Cern Bladen-Day  - Bass Guitar  age 11

 Elliott Rayson  - Drums    age 11

The Guitarists have been playing for just over a year and Elliott has been playing Drums for about 2 years. Hard-Drive have performed at 3 Gigs. The first was a School talent show at North Cerney Village Hall 25th May 2005, The 2nd was in a ' Battle of the Bands ' at Marling School in Stroud 9th July 2005 (which they were judged as ' The Band with the Most Potential ' and came 2nd out of 8 entries), their 3rd gig was again at North Cerney on 23rd July 2005. Their influences are James Hetfield (Metallica), Guns 'n' Roses, Green Day and most Hard Rock bands. They are very keen to write and perform their own material.

They are all very excited about having won the opportunity to play at The Subscription Rooms in this special competition, and look forward to seeing/playing this historic Amp.

Ruth's Curtain

Michael McSweeney  --  Lead Guitar.

Michael McSweeney is the founder of Ruth’s Curtain and responsible for, almost, all the material and musical arrangement.  Having moved to Gloucestershire from London, 12 years ago, Michael was amazed at the profusion of musical talent in Stroud; he was soon playing in various bands until forming Ruth’s Curtain so that he could develop the material he had been writing for many years.

Dan G  --  Bass.

A native of the Stroud area; the musical genius of Dan G is an important element to Ruth’s Curtain; besides his lively bass he is a wicked lead guitarist and also plays flute.

Melanie Drackett  --  Female Vocals.

Melanie joined the band almost 3 years ago; her first band:  Her powerful soulful voice, influenced by all the great soul singers, soon helped shape the sound that Ruth’s Curtain produces today. 

Neal Cantillion  -- Rapper.

Neil is a larger than life figure that writes and delivers the rap element to Ruth’s Curtain. He is well known on the Gloucester rap and Hip-hop scene doing decks under the name of Dirty Lyle.  His style earned him a part in the recent film, by Night Shift Films, “Finding Strangers in Paradise”, which is released in June and features several Ruth’s Curtain songs in the sound track.

Alan Tocknell  -- Drummer.

Alan “Mr. Skins” Tocknell is the most recent addition to the band having returned to Stroud after touring Europe and the Middle East, as a professional, for eight years.  Alan is a very experienced and talented musician who is out to entertain and is a joy to watch.

Gerald Fry -- Harmonica.

Gerald’s harmonica adds an unusual blues element to the music that is, already, a fusion of R&B, Rap, Hip-hop, Funk and Soul.  Being, originally, from the Tetbury area before ending up in Stroud; Gerald became a part of Ruth’s Curtain nearly four years ago

Formed by Michael McSweeney ten years ago to develop the music and songs that he has been writing for years; Michael is the bands lead guitarist.

The music of Ruth’s Curtain has come a long way since the first C.D., some five years ago; the sound and style has really started to evolve through the individual influences brought to it by the current members.  The age range, from 26 to 49, is a factor in the development of their, distinctive, material.


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10% of our merchandise sales on the night will be passed on to our local Rotary club. they are currently collecting for the 'mercy ships' charity.

More details www.mercyships.org.uk